Tour Packages


  • Make your visit a wonderful experience with our special tour packages along with our dental treatment. Tour packages can be provided as per your request. We specialise in village tours.
  • Back water tours, stay in a village hut, eat and live with village folks, home stay in a village, canoe ride, house boats, cycling through village roads,walking tours and so on.
  • Wildlife and mountain trekking, plantation & wildlife tours through unexplored sites.
  • Beaches – Spend a day sun-bathing, surfing, water sports in Kovalam, Varkala, Gokarnam (karnataka) etc.
  • Cultural visits to palaces, museums, ancient churches, temples & mosques. Interaction on christianity and its origin in Kerala.
  • Accomodation –
    • village home stay will be provided with homely food in backwater tour packages as well as in all other tour packages.
    • star hotel accomodation will also be provided if needed.