Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner are a series of transparent aligners used to realign teeth with better comfort and ease for the patient.


Unlike conventional wires and brackets as in regular dental braces Clear Aligner is removable invisible splint made of thin transparent plastic and they are to be changed every two weeks saving the patient from heavy duty painful maintenance. Each aligner is unique as it is customized for the patients teeth.

During treatment each Clear Aligner is replaced following the prescribed sequence as the teeth moves-little by little, week by week until they have straightened to the final position.

Remove the Clear Aligner while eating or drinking. And it allows you to have oral hygiene to maintain fresh breath.

No need to spend long hours at the clinic negotiating conventional bracket and wire adjustments. With Clear Aligners you get to see the post treatment positions and how the teeth will ater the treatment.

How it works?

The Clear Aligner treatment consists of a revolutionary system, integrating the latest software and 3D CAD/CAM imaging technology. The software analyses the patients models scanned using high-tech 3D digital scanner and ascertain the number of Aligners required in each stage to reach the predetermined goal.

Clear Aligners are custom made for each patient, slight adjustments would be effected to the tooth position at each intermediate stage which is mapped out in advance by the dentist. Clear Aligners are changed periodically which reposition the teeth progressively.

Clear Aligner must be worn for atleast 20 hours everyday which will be changed every week. This slowly pushes teeth into the preprogrammed position accepted between the dentist and the patient. The treatment time varies based on the complexity of the teeth movements planned, and the number of aligners to be used will be increased in more difficult cases.

Advantages for the patient

  • Metal brackets or wires are not used hence no irritation or friction inside mouth
  • Almost invisible and transparent splints
  • Simple hygienic care – Can be taken off easily to clean
  • Easily removable – No effect on eating habits
  • Simple, precise planning process
  • Highly biocompatible
  • No difficulty to speak and smile
  • Camouflage with lips and cheek
  • After treatment result can be visualized in 3D before the treatment starts
  • Correction of misplaced teeth in a short span of time
  • Available at low cost


  • Diastema closure (space closure)
  • Correction of front teeth crowding
  • Deep bite correction
  • Over jet correction
  • Open bite correction