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Tour packages:


Make your visit a wonderful experience with our special tour packages along with our dental treatment. Tour packages can be provided as per your request. We specialise in village tours.


Back water tours, stay in a village hut, eat and live with village folks, home stay in a village, canoe ride, house boats, cycling through village roads,walking tours and so on.


Wildlife and mountain trekking, plantation & wildlife tours through unexplored sites.


Beaches - Spend a day sun-bathing, surfing, water sports in Kovalam, Varkala, Gokarnam (karnataka) etc.


Cultural visits to palaces, museums, ancient churches, temples & mosques. Interaction on christianity and its origin in Kerala.


Accomodation -
* village home stay will be provided with homely food in backwater tour packages as well as in all other tour packages.
* star hotel accomodation will also be provided if needed.


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